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We manage hundreds of local listings, but we always strive to keep vacancy rates as low as possible. See our available listings on the AM PM Properties above.


Our team of experts always shows the highest level of professionalism in every aspect they do. Whether it is responding to a repair call or handling clients and tenants’ needs.


At Am Pm Properties, we value honesty and see it as the best way of achieving success. We ensure that our practices, methods and services are honest. There is total transparency in our work and this is aimed at ensuring that we earn our clients’ trust.

Team Work

Collaboration with clients and staff members ensures that we get the best deals for our clients as well as offer the best services to our tenants. With teamwork in place, superior results are what to expect from our property managers.

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At Am Pm Properties, we are aware of the challenges and problems that property owners go through when trying to find the best property managers for their investment. We have been there and we know how it feels to manage your own rental property for more than 10 years.

Our company was founded on the realization that we needed a more data driven property management system that boasts higher quality than what was at hand. Our continued hard work and advances in expertise, services and technology have been at the center of the great standards in our company, forming a solid part of our entire success story and all that we do.

The desire behind your need for a property manager is to work with a management company that leaves you confident that your property is in safe hands. At Am Pm Properties, your goals are our own and our work is geared towards ensuring that all of your expectations are perfectly met and with the highest standards. Our incomparable property management experience will for sure change everything you know about property management.


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Why Regular Assessment of Property is so Important?

One of the key factors that influence the growth of the property market in Canada is the influx of inter-provincial migration into the city. Such migration has traditionally depended on how well the oil industry in Calgary has performed. However, it is also true that many other non-oil industry segments have also grown significantly in […]

Showing Property to Prospective Tenants Needs a Definite Process

Showing property to prospective clients in Calgary isn’t just a formality and requires a professional approach that looks at many attributes of the property as well as drawbacks. The best property managers know about several attributes of a property and know how best to present your house to prospective tenants. They also know the drawbacks […]

Professional Property Management Companies in Calgary Conduct Regular Assessments

A lot more people are looking for property in Calgary now than they have been doing over the last few years, which points to a steady but slow recovery of the city’s economy. The oil industry, which was the mainstay of Calgary’s economy earlier, is not the main driver of the city’s economy anymore. Hence, […]


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