An Experienced Calgary Property Manager can Help You Get a Great Deal

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An Experienced Calgary Property Manager can Help You Get a Great Deal

An Experienced Calgary Property Manager can Help You Get a Great Deal
The real estate outlook for Calgary in 2019 is quite good with talk of a revival of its oil economy doing the rounds. Alberta’s oil industry is coping with falling international prices but there are some positives to look up to in the new year. OPEC and other major oil producing countries will cut production by 1.2 million barrels a day. This is expected to revive Calgary’s oil economy and that in turn, is good news for its real estate market. A recharged oil industry can revive most of Calgary’s economy and not just the real estate industry. It will bring in migrant workers from other parts of the country as well as from around the world. The Calgary home rental industry will also benefit from this economic revival.

Lower property prices in Calgary

Till economic growth picks up speed, Calgary will remain a buyers’ market offering much lower prices than other leading real estate hotspots in Canada. Any good Calgary property manager will be able to show you some really nice houses for sale costing between CAD 300,000 and 500,000. This is an immediate bonanza for end users especially those moving into Calgary to take advantage of the city’s economic revival. Investors hoping to cash in on the low real estate prices need to be patient for a good return on their investment because Calgary’s economic revival will be gradual rather than fast paced. However, real estate demand in the city will be driven by migrants moving in to benefit from the economic revival in the city.

The ideal neighborhoods to buy a house in Calgary

Any realtor with good experience of the Calgary home rental market knows well enough that there are many neighborhoods in the city that home-seekers will find impressive. The areas along the bank of the River Bow that bisects the city from northwest to southeast are generally the most sought after. That’s because properties on or near the waterfront always have higher value not just for the aesthetics but also for the better quality of air in these areas. The other areas that command more value are those that are located on elevated land and in Calgary’s northwest, especially the foothills of the Rockies that are prize real estate.

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