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For Company AM PM Properties Inc, getting to know your needs is the first step for us to get you your dream home in your dream location with your dream price. Therefore, it is imperative that booking an appointment with us assures we can provide you with the best possible service with available facts and not throwing arrows in the dark.

Why Book?

Imagine you walk into a dental practice without an appointment wishing to see a dentist. Chances are, the first question would be whether you have an appointment. At Am Pm Properties Inc., we work on the same principle. We need to spend the time to first understand where you live, what you are looking for and other important facts such as what is your objective for buying, is it for owner occupation or for investment before shortlisting the property for you as the next step for us is research.


We then are able to research the local market to identify homes which fit your criteria of location, size, style, and budget. This can take a few hours or days depending on the complexity.

Realtor bookings with Listing Brokerages

Am Pm Properties Inc then will liaise with the Listing brokerages and begin a complex round of viewing and appointment setups. Once the showings are scheduled according to your availabilities we take you for your home viewing trip.

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