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We ensure that the property booking and property showing are effortless for our clients. We take a number of steps to ensure that we show you what you are interested in and not waste precious time. We will accompany you to the home/s and will ensure the owners are okay for us to take you for the showing without their presence.

Interview with a potential buyer

Our very first step is ensuring that we learn a bit about you the buyer and the amount you are willing to spend as well as the amenities you are seeking. This allows us to narrow it down to the most suitable properties based on our conversation.


The next step will be arranging a booking time with you and getting a few possible dates and times as we then need to consult with the vendor to ensure they are okay with the property showing.

Property Showing

We prefer that the sellers are not present as it allows the potential buyer to freely discuss with the agent as they move around the home. In the rare event that they prefer to be home, we will advise you in advance. If you decide that you wish to put an offer, you can come back to the office with us or arrange for a suitable time to take it further.

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