Our Services

Our Services

With our continued vendor relationships, discounts will start coming your way, making our rates even more affordable.


Evictions are what every property owner has to deal with in the event of stubborn tenants. An eviction may become necessary in the event that a tenant declines to pay rent.

Tenant Placement

For a successful rental business, it is essential to look for the most ideal tenants. The ideal tenant will take good care of your property, make timely rent payments.

Property Assessment

One of our major roles as property managers is to keep tenants on the right track. It is essential to identify any problem within a unit and take care of it before it gets out of hand.

Property Showings

No tenant will agree to pay for a rental house without seeing the home. At Am Pm Properties, we take care of this process of showing your property to the would-be tenants.

We’re members of landlord associations throughout Calgary


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