Evictions are what every property owner has to deal with in the event of stubborn tenants. An eviction may become necessary in the event that a tenant declines to pay rent, start causing some unrest among the neighbors or maybe violates the terms of lease agreement.

Whenever a tenant dispute comes our way, we look out for every possible avenue that can be used to resolve the problem in an easy and efficient way possible. However, we still have the largest tool in our arsenal and it comes in the shape of a legal eviction, but this will come as the last resort in case a less drastic resolution isn’t arrived at. The end result is that your costs will be lowered and your property will also be protected against any further damage by the renter.


The Eviction Process

The Eviction Process

Identifying the Dispute/Problem

Over a 10-year period of operation, we have always strived at establishing the best relationships between us and our tenants. Whenever there is an evident problem or dispute, our first step is to get in touch with the tenant so as to discover what the cause of the dispute is. In most cases, tenants will find it easier to cooperate with us in our attempts to rectify the problem with immediate effect.

Less Drastic Eviction Measures

Drastic eviction measures may involve legal action. However, Am Pm Properties may at times choose to consider less drastic measures in carrying our evictions. Less expensive methods usually come into play and in the process; the risk of damaging property during eviction is eliminated. In addition, the alternative eviction methods allow us to return the rental property to the market as quick as possible.

Going Ahead with an Eviction

Tenants who are problematic and refuse to cooperate with us in implementing the required fixes may force us to take drastic eviction measures. We have a solid working relationship with local attorneys and we have also negotiated some of the best rates for our clients. Am Pm Properties will take care of all the details involving eviction.

Renting out the evicted property

Once the stubborn tenant has been evicted from your rental home, our professionals with quickly move in to address any issues within the unit and once again make it ready for rental purposes. We have a talented and fully qualified home maintenance team that can handle any aspect of home repairs and cleaning. Our leasing team will also be busy at work trying to find a new renter for your property.


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