Property Assessment

One of our major roles as property managers is to keep tenants on the right track. It is essential to identify any problem within a unit and take care of it before it gets out of hand. To do this, you need to carry out regular inspections and assessments in a bid to carefully examine these homes and address any issues before they escalate. At Am Pm Properties, we have scheduled regular inspections that occur throughout the tenancy period and in the process, the long-term health of your property is protected.

We have a well-established inspection software application that does all the dirty jobs. Using this tool, our team of experts is able to easily keep an eye on any changes within the home as well as keep well-organized records of the property. This information is shared between us, our clients and our tenants, something that ensures transparency across the entire setup.

Property Assessment

Our Assessment Criteria

Move-in Assessments

Whenever a new lease is signed, we provide a move-in assessment to all homes. This assessment helps us find out any known issues within this property as well as take care of any existing damages. This assessment is done to safeguard our clients and tenants from any financial consequences. The notes coming from the inspection process will be added to the file of the tenant for later review.

Addressing Problems

In by any case a problem arises in your premises, our team will work on ways of solving the matter as quickly as possible. In cases of direct involvement of a tenant, we will work with this tenant to ensure that a viable solution is reached. Other cases may see our professional in-house maintenance team visit the site in order to take care of the problems affecting the home, especially normal wear and tear.

Periodic Assessments

Other than the first assessment that is accorded to your home, Am Pm Properties will also keep a close eye on the property during the entire tenancy period. We have a clear assessment schedule that we follow when carrying out our second, third and subsequent property assessments. Once the tenant has vacated the premises, we will also conduct a final assessment to determine the new condition of the home.

Final Assessment

When a renter vacates a property, it will be subjected to final assessment by our team. In this way, it is easy to note the type of improvements needed to bring the home back to a rent-ready condition. These notes are then compared with the move-in assessment notes and in the process, we will be able to tell whether the vacating tenant needs to pay for certain expenses using their security deposit.


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