Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement

Tenency agreement

For a successful rental business, it is essential to look for the most ideal tenants. The ideal tenant will take good care of your property, make timely rent payments as well as quickly raise alarms whenever there is any problem within the property. You can’t get the best tenant by simply posting a few ads; instead, you need a proven partner who is a pro in the real estate business. Am Pm Properties is the ideal partner as we will take our time to market your home and in the end, we will rent your property to the perfect tenant.

Our Tenant Placement Process

We Advertise your Property to Masses

We have a team of professional marketers who work tirelessly to ensure that your rental property reaches the largest number of people possible. Other than our exclusive listing system, Am Pm Properties syndicates property listings across almost 30 publications and local websites. Our aim is to capture potential renters outside Calgary and Canada as a whole.

Processing of Applications

In order for a home to remain in perfect shape, it requires the best tenant to occupy it. It is for this reason Am Pm Properties applies a very rigorous practice to every application submitted by potential tenants. We ensure that all the required information is provided and we make sure that we verify everything about the client, be it poor credit histories, criminal records and any other red flags. If everything is as we expect, we will proceed and contact the tenant to break the good news to them and after that, we will lease out the property to them.

We Show the Property to Renters and Respond to Inquiries

When your property is in the hands of Am Pm Properties, you will be sure of receiving the best services. Other than soliciting applications from potential tenants, our team of professional property managers also shows the property to these clients as well as responds to any questions and inquiries about the property. In the end, the whole process is simplified thus proving both you –the client – and the tenants a peace of mind.

Our Lease Agreements are Awesomely Drafted

With Am Pm Properties, you will say goodbye to any problematic tenants as well as lease agreements that have no form of legal remedy. We have a team of professionals with a clear understanding of the tenancy act and local regulations of Calgary. Possession of this information helps us draft lease agreements that are mutually benefiting and exceed legal requirements. Our team will also take care of the whole lease signing process for you.


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