Proper Assessment of Your House is Crucial Before Giving it Out on Rent

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Proper Assessment of Your House is Crucial Before Giving it Out on Rent

Proper Assessment of Your House is Crucial Before Giving it Out on Rent
It’s understandable that many house owners in Calgary are a worried lot because of the sluggish property market not just in the city but in the entire province of Alberta. Under the circumstances, if you manage to close a Calgary home rental deal, you have reasons to be happy but there are other important matters that you need to consider. This is about the condition of your house ever since the last tenant left and how that relates to the new tenant who is about to move in. Was your property assessed when the last tenant left? If not, you ought to get an assessment done before the new tenant moves in.

Professional assessment of property

AM/PM Properties is a leading Calgary property management company with a long list of clients, both house owners and tenants. It undertakes property assessment at different points of time to make sure that there are no complications between the house owner and tenant about the property’s upkeep. For instance, every time AM/PM Properties facilitates a new lease, it conducts a move-in assessment. Such an assessment clarifies any known issues with the property and attend to any existing damages in the house.

A hassle-free lease agreement

It is very important that right at the outset, the lease agreement between the house owner and the tenant is not affected by misunderstanding over the condition of the property. As the leading Calgary property management company, AM/PM Properties ensures that there are no such misunderstandings leading to financial consequences for either the house owners or tenants. In addition to this initial assessment AM/PM Properties conducts periodic assessments of the property during the entire tenure of the lease.
Such a systematic process of assessments ensure that the condition of the property is well-documented at all times. AM/PM Properties also conducts a final assessment at the end of the Calgary home rental tenure to review the condition of the house and note the changes or damages if there are any. This helps in making the necessary repairs and improvements in the house and make it rent-ready for the next tenant.

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